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AllTurf - Installation

The Installation Process


1. Assessment

A good site assessment can mean substantial savings for the project.


2. Site Preparation

Typically, site preparation includes excavation and export of topsoil.


3. Sub-base Preparation

Removal of topsoil and import of crushed stone for base construction.


4. Curbing Installation

Curbing is essential for field framing and stability of the playing surface.


5. Drainage System Installation

Most turf systems incorporate a full field drainage system to ensure maximum drainage. The perimeter drainage and the sub field drainage systems combine to evacuate water from the field at a rate of up to 20 inches per hour.


6(a). Compacting and Finish Grading

Producing a 95% compaction rating of the aggregate subgrade is essential to a good finished product.


6(b). Compacting and Finish Grading

Finish grading is essential to the drainage and playability of the playing field. AllTurf laser grades all finish grades to a tolerance of ¼ in 10 feet.


7. Synthetic Turf Construction

The turf is placed on the field in rolls of 15 feet up to 220 feet in length.


8(a). Seaming Process

After the turf is positioned the seaming process begins. Depending on sewn or glued seams, the process varies from field to field.


8(b). Seaming Process

Our technicians carefully place all seams by hand to give you the best possible finished product.


9. Field Markings

Depending on which field you select, this process may vary between fields. Some of the field markings are tufted into the rolls of synthetic turf during the manufacturing process. Other field markings can be either inlaid by the installation team, or a combination of painted and inlaid.


10(a). Infill

After all seams are secure and turf trimming is completed, the infill process begins with crumb rubber or sand/rubber fill.


10(b). Infill

The infill is worked into the field by a combination of power brooming and turf grooming to give you a level and finished playing surface.


11. The Completed Field

The completed field is ready for enjoyment.